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Money Matters with Deb & Laurie doesn’t belong to the hosts. It belongs to you, and we focus on answering your questions with information that matters to you and helps you achieve your goals. When we get behind the mic every Saturday, we’ll tell stories and break down tried-and-true methods of building and protecting your wealth, giving you the confidence you need to secure what’s important. We’ll also tell you about clients we’ve seen have success using strategies we implement, and who knows? You might just be next! Tune in each week to find out.

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Meet Deb & Laurie

With years of experience working together, Deb and Laurie make the perfect duo. Whether they’re in the office or in the studio, the two have undeniable chemistry, and they’re ready to help you break down your problems and find solutions that can help you defend what matters to you. Meet them both below!

Deb Christensen

Executive Director
(385) 269-9898

Deb was born in Logan, Utah, as the third of eight children and spent most of her early years residing in Pocatello, Idaho. At the age of eight, her father was called to serve a religious mission in Seoul, Korea. She resided there until the age of eleven when she returned home to Pocatello to finish high school and take a few secretarial classes. In the early 1980s, she moved to Arvada, Colorado, to begin her career with ANR Freight systems before marrying and beginning work with the state of Utah in the family services program.After 12 years of service, Deb decided to become a full-time mom to her six children, but she returned to work in 2007 and is now insurance licensed and set to become an investment adviser representative. She couldn’t be more excited to help each client who walks through her door, no matter their needs.

Meet Deb

Laurie Hancock

Financial Advisor
(801) 770-1290

Laurie is an investment adviser representative in the state of Utah with her Series 65 securities registration. Her entire investment philosophy was instilled in her decades ago when she first entered the financial services industry, and as her career has evolved, she has only become more personally invested in her clients. She believes in custom solutions that are tailored to the goals of each person she helps. That means connection and identification of those objectives comes first, always giving clients a chance to reach the next step with her help. In her free time, Laurie enjoys being with her family and exploring all of the beautiful landscapes in the Pleasant Grove area. She feels incredibly lucky to live in what she considers the most beautiful part of the country, and she always aims to make each day count both professionally and personally.

Meet Laurie
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